Re: refs re: crying as a marine marker

Phillip Bigelow (
19 Oct 1995 15:04:16 -0700

I wrote:
>> Furthermore, since your reference only discusses the chimpanzee, we need
>>good reference sources that discuss other members of the Order Primates.
>>If only one other primate has tears (emotional of non-emotional), it will
>>blow the "salty-tear" evidence of aquaticness right out of the water (pardon
>>the pun). Such a survey of all the primates hasn't been done, to my
>> responded:
>Well, find one purely terrestrial primate besides humans that sheds tears
>when emotionally upset and the AAT will be smashed. Go ahead, make my

Actually, Elaine Morgan and Hardy made the claim that hunans are the only
primates that shed emotional or non-emotional tears. Where is their
references for this claim? Did they do the research themselves? (No).
Did they provide a reference for each primate that was studied? (No).
Do they even know how many primate species there are in the world? (No).
They should not have even made the claim of "fact" in the first place.
That is lousy scientific method, if you ask me.