Re: chimps on the savanna? Nooooo.....

Paul Crowley (
Sat, 21 Oct 95 13:09:14 GMT

In article <466kr5$> "Alex Duncan" writes:

> Gosh, there's just NO WAY two closely related taxa could share a portion
> of the ecosystem with as many subhabitats as the "savanna." I mean, it's
> absolutely impossible. After all, just look at bovids... oops, bad
> <snips>
> (Message for the perceptually impaired: the above post is SARCASM.)
> BTW ... there are no chimp fossils found in any of the deposits where
> hominids are found,

a) You say they could have shared the same ecosystem
b) They have never been found together, so they probably didn't
c) The hominids almost certainly occupied a . . . . . . ecosystem.
(Space left for word ^^^^^^^^^^^ )

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