Re: tears

Phillip Bigelow (
21 Oct 1995 09:46:53 -0700 (J. Moore) writes:

>Elaine Morgan doesn't seem to be so helpful with me. I've asked
>her for any and all references for her statements, and have yet
>to receive a single one. As for "sometimes doesn't give full
>references", that's a real laugh. A full reference from Elaine
>Morgan is as rare as... well, as rare as a full and accurate
>reference from any AATer.

I also have yet to get a full science journal reference(s) from Elaine
Morgan, regarding her statements made both in her books, and here, that
there is some "official" "savannah THEORY" that is the dominant paradygm of
paleoanthropology. She needs to give page numbers where this "official"
belief is mentioned, so that we can check up on her assertion.
It is not coincidental that, after this challenge was made, Elaine
stopped appearing in this newsgroup (been about a week now). However, we
are still waiting and hopeful for her answer.