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J. Moore (
Sat, 21 Oct 95 12:28:00 -0500

Pa> "J. Moore" writes:

JM> > That odd sound you're hearing is the sound of laughter ringing over
JM> > the nets, emanating from those who know my background. Suffice
JM> > it to say that feminist paleoanthropologists do, and did, exist.

Pa> Your prejudices are so deep and intractable that you are incapable of
Pa> even considering the possibility of their existence when they are
Pa> explicitly pointed out to you.

Pa> Take a glance at a range of paleoanthropological literature or look
Pa> through the postings in this group. Where's the emphasis?
Pa> - On the activities of the males, their hunting, beating off predators,
Pa> and the like? Or on those of the females and their problems looking
Pa> after the kids?

Pa> Scan the pictures in popular books on human evolution which depict
Pa> imagined early hominids and do a head count of males/ females/kids.
Pa> Not being academic, they're not quite so
Pa> biased as the scientific literature; but they are biased.

Pa> This research will take you about two minutes.
Pa> Paul.

Quicker than that...
I just turned around and pulled a book off my shelf which you
could correctly say *is* my background. Turns out you are just
digging yourself in deeper on this subject, and the laughter is
getting louder.

Jim Moore (

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