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Fri, 20 Oct 95 21:38:00 -0300

JJ> To ignore anecdotal evidence you must first give some reasons
JJ> for believing the anecdotes are false. Yes, I'm calling your
JJ> next-door neighbour a liar. You are implying that Dessmond
JJ> Morris is a liar for he says that man is the only weeping
JJ> terrestrial animal known in "Bo dywatching".

Wait a minute. Didn't =you= already call Desmond Morris a liar
when you claimed the elephant as a weeping animal?

(You are not going to tell me the elephant isn't terrestrial, are

Which is it?

1. Humans and elephants are the only (emotionally)
weeping terrestrial animals.

- or -

2. Humans are the only weeping animals.

And besides, it's not just Bill's neighbor. It's also his Mum. :)

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