Re: Tears for fears. Was Re: Guide for anti-AATers

David L Burkhead (
19 Oct 1995 16:22:43 GMT

In article <462oe4$> writes:
> (Bill Burnett) wrote:
>> It has nothing
>>to do with emotion.
>>YES, both my crying examples are aquatic.
>but let's lose the emotion myth.
>Have you seen my post with refences for crying as a marine marker?
>Albatrosses, seals and sea otters at least all cry in response to
>emotional upset as well as to salt crisis.

Have you got a source for this claim? Actually "these claims":
That the three animals mentioned cry in response to emotional upset
(I'd _love_ to see how _that_ was determined), and that seals and
otters cry in response to salt crisis.

References, please.

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