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J. Moore (
Thu, 19 Oct 95 11:00:00 -0500

Cl> > 'Fraid not. Lucy was found in lake deposits. Her remarkable
Cl> > preservation was due to the fairly rapid burial in these deposits.
Cl> > Lucy was, however, a TERRESTRIAL biped, retaining some arboreal
Cl> > characteristics.

Cl> Strictyly speaking, wading animals are TERRESTRIAL.
Cl> Tom Clarke

This has been repeatedly pointed out... and not by AATers. It is,
in fact, part and parcel of the argument against the likelihood of
the AAT. The AAT *is not* simply about wading, for reasons I
recent (re)posted and reiterated. That any hominid simply waded,
or lived near water, or bathed, etc., is not what the AAT is about
(although it's a common thing among AATers to retreat to this sort
of suggestion). If you're going to argue the case for the AAT,
you have to deal with the problems it brings with it. I see a
whole lotta side-stepping whenever these problems are brought up,
not just from you but from every AATer around. If you're arguing
the case, you have to deal with these issues.

Jim Moore (

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