What a fool believes... was Re: First Family and AAT

J. Moore (j#d#.moore@canrem.com)
Thu, 19 Oct 95 10:47:00 -0500

> j#d#.moore@canrem.com (J. Moore) writes:

> >So since AATers apparently believe that a terrestrial transition
> >for humans means that many many open-country mammals should be
> >predominately bipedal, and that the fact that they aren't is a
> >grevious blow to all of paleoanthropolical theory, why shouldn't
> >they answer the question of why aquatic mammals aren't
> >predominately bipedal?

> "Apparently" isn't probably the right word. I think you
> know very well that they are talking about animals that
> were already able to grasp and use their hands to some
> degree.

Were they really... well, one of the more stupid ones certainly
wasn't, as these quotes will attest:

AnIdiotSaid> "if there's so much survival value in using tools
AnIdiotSaid> and being grasping animals blah blah how come we still
AnIdiotSaid> have animals with hoofs, and why do we still have animals
AnIdiotSaid> with paws and why are most animals quadripeds (ignoring
AnIdiotSaid> the fish and birds) blah blah... "

AnIdiotSaid> "Why didn't all the other animals start to acquire all
AnIdiotSaid> these wonderful properties like beginning to stand up
AnIdiotSaid> erect, grasp objects with their paws etc?"

Jim Moore (j#d#.moore@canrem.com)

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