Re: AAT: I just rediscovered my news filter

J. Moore (
Thu, 19 Oct 95 10:34:00 -0500

Ja> (David L Burkhead ) wrote:
Ja> > Now you sound like a UFOlogist with the "can you prove it
Ja> >_didn't_ happen." Well, that's not the way science works. It's not up
Ja> >to us to provide evidence that it's impossible. It's up to the
Ja> >hypothesis's supporters to provide evidence that it _happened_.

Ja> Well see my posts with regard to crying.
Ja> James Borrett.

I've seen many references to crying in your posts, but have yet to
see a single reference or other piece of evidence to support your
opinions. Where was the post that had the evidence?

David's point is well taken indeed. It seems that standard
operating procedure for AATers here is to say anything that comes
into their heads, offer no support whatsoever, then to insist that
if someone else doesn't prove them wrong, their word has to
accepted as fact... even when it conflicts with supported facts
that have been previously posted. That's a bizarre SOP.

Why don't you break away from the pack, and supply some form of
evidence for the opinions you've been stating about crying, etc.?

Jim Moore (

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