Re: Just ignore the annoying AAT crap!

John C. McLoughlin (
22 Oct 1995 09:25:10 -0600

Angelique Skiman ( wrote:

: I have a suggestion for those people, like myself, that are sick
: and tired of reading about this silly AAT theory: Let's just ignore them!

You are of course correct. The AAT people should set up their own
newsroom, one thinks; but this is like saying that creationists should
keep their noise out of public high school biology classes. It probably
won't work. Ms. Morgan and her flock have a polemical issue - the
descent of >woman< - on which they're harping, rather than a scientific
one, and polemics know no boundaries.

Thank you, though, for your logical suggestion. You must be very young
and innocent to think that it'll work, but it does reflect your innately
honorable intent.

May you get many degrees and make big bux.

Top o' the Food Chain to you!