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J. Moore (
Sat, 21 Oct 95 22:57:00 -0500

Cl> >Cl> Personally I think the in-water predation issue is overdone.

Cl> >From a previous post to Troy Kelley, when he said much the same as
Cl> >you just did:
Cl> >I can certainly understand your not wanting to hear about it, as it is
Cl> >a fatal flaw in the AAT and has not been addressed by anyone connected
Cl> >with that theory. It has, in fact, been ignored or at best glossed
Cl> >over, as you have done.

Cl> Why is it fatal? Why is not predation by lions etc a fatal flaw for
Cl> scenarios that have the hominds going directly from the trees to
Cl> bipedalism on the savannah?

On 9-27-95 I reposted something I wrote back in July on this
subject; do I have to repost again and again? How often do you
need to see it -- every week?

Cl> I ignore it no more than people who reject the AAT, ignore land
Cl> carnivore predation. The homind can't outrun a lion. It can't outswim
Cl> a crocodile. Some got eaten. I think there's a skull in South Africa
Cl> that has holes that match cheetah teeth.

Cl> I just don't think it is significant factor to drive the evolution
Cl> for the hominds one way or the other, land or water.
Cl> Tom Clarke

Okay, I give up... I'll repost once again my posts on predation.
I'll dig them out tomorrow. Will you please read them THIS time?

Jim Moore (

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