Re: No more tears.
19 Oct 1995 15:17:20 GMT (Bill Burnett) wrote:

Personally I think you should demonstrate why
>your less parsimonious explanation is better than mine.

I have provided anecdotal evidence that some marine mammals shed tears when emotionally upset.
When you post some anecdotal evidence that any purely terrestrial animal sheds tears when
emotionally upset your explanation will be better than mine.

>>To conclude : only marine animals, elephants and humans shed tears when
>>emotionally upset. Why?
>Unproven. If true I offer homoplasy. Prove I'm wrong.

I offer you the testable hypothesis that all of these animals (or their ancestors) evolved
emotionally tear-shedding as a consequence of living in a marine environment. This accounts for my
testable claim that no purely terrestrial animal sheds tears when emotionally upset.My hypothesis
is falsifiable and remains good science until you falsify it.

James Borrett.