Re: Guide for anti-AATers
19 Oct 1995 14:01:38 GMT

chris brochu <> wrote:
In fact, I
>have never seen a croc weep.

>The references we want should not only list relevant taxa, but HOW WE
>KNOW they were "upset" when crying. I would also like to see evidence
>that the physiological basis for crying in these taxa is similar, since
>I've heard anecdotally that humans cry whenever facial muscles put the
>proper amount of stress on the tear glands. Distress is one such time.

It remains a fact that only some marine animals (it doesn't really hurt
the argument if crocs aren't included here) elephants and humans weep
when they are upset.

To falsify AAT the onus is on you guys to either prove that elephants
don't have a marine ancestor (not necessarily shared with sea-cows) or to
find a different purely terrestrial animal that does weep when upset.

Until you do AAT most definitely desrves the T rather than the H or S
some people prefer.

James Borrett.