Re: Aquatic elephants. Was re:Tears

Bill Burnett (
Thu, 19 Oct 1995 12:26:55

Another paper in the same vein, by the same author, as my previous post.

Court, N., Jaeger, J.J. (1991) "Anatomy of the periotic bone in the Eocene
proboscidean Numidotherium koholense - An example of parallel evolution in the
inner-ear of Tethytheres. Comptes Rendus de L'Academie Des Sciences Serie II,
312 : 559-565

To quote the abstract:

"The periotic ossification of the inner ear in the oldest known proboscidean,
Numidotherim koholense is shown to possess the typical therian pattern of
foramina. The recent proposition that elephants and sea cows evolved from a
unique common ancestor which lacked a fenestra cochleae in the pars cochlearis
of the periotic, is therefore refuted. Similarities in the ear region of sea
cows and elephants are demonstrated to be the result of homoplasy, thus
weakening the concept of Tethytheria. "

Still looking for more.