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David L Burkhead (
19 Oct 1995 11:16:24 GMT

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> (David L Burkhead ) wrote:
>> Well, I don't know about references, but I have, with my own
>>eyes, witnessed chimps crying.
>Chimps will shed tears in response to chemical irritants or grit in the
>eye, but I believe they do not cry when only emotionally upset. Convince
>me otherwise and I will abandon the AAT lock, stock and barrel. See my
>post refs re crying as a marine marker for a reference to support this.

You _continue_ to say to see your post refs re crying as a
marine marker for a reference. I have not seen you post _one_
reference. _All_ I've seen is your claim that it is. If you _have_
posted references that just haven't made it to my news-server then
_please_ e.mail them.

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