Re: Aquatic elephants. Was re:Tears

gffghdfgh (
20 Oct 1995 15:23:18 GMT

In article <> H. M. Hubey, writes:
>There is some kind of a desert mouse that is so efficient
>that it's urine practically comes out solid. That's the mouse
>that I rate 0-5. Camels would be close to this mouse/rat.

There are also rodents that spend most of their time in, or near, water
(e.g. water rats, muskrats, etc.). By "mouse," you create an artificial
grouping that defies categorization.

Furthermore, by "elephant," do you mean the African or Asiatic? And if
African, are you refering to the Namibian desert forms or the Congolese
forest dwellers?

The reason we avoided your post is that your categories are too broad to
allow the quantification you want.