Re: Body Hair Loss in Aquatic Mammals

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>>If cattle can keep cool by gathering on hilltops, some kind
>>of an ape should have been able to assume the famous position
>>and keep cool to "extend the foraging times".

>Sorry to follow-up to my own post but I should clarify
>this. I meant to pick on baboons because someone seems
>to have suggested that baboons are/were plains animals.

A savannah is not a plain.

>Perhaps an animal with the intelligence of a baboon
>would have noticed that they did not overheat when
>standing bipedally.

Perhaps far off in space, cosmic bunnies control our fate.
Perhaps monkeys will fly out my butt.

Perhaps baboons baboons already occupy a successful ecological
niche on the savannah. Perhaps baboons are biomechanically too
specialized to become full time bipeds.


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