Re: tears

H. M. Hubey (
18 Oct 1995 21:39:22 -0400

Alex Duncan <> writes:

>Tears proportionally contain the same amount of saline as the rest of the
>body. When a tear is excreted, the body has lost that much mass, a small

If you lose fluids you have to drink water. That means you can lose
salt via tears and drink water and excrete salt.

I wonder what it is about people like you who can't understand
what you read.

>salt proportion of the body a "salt-excretion mechanism" if you wish. It
>doesn't change the fact that tears are not an effective mechanism for
>ridding the body of excess salt.

Anything that gets rid of salt can be a salt excretion mechanism.
I agree that unless they wept a lot it would be ineffective,
certainly not as effective as kidneys or sweating but so what.


Regards, Mark