Re: Philip Tobias, Savanna Theory & bipedalism

Phillip Bigelow (
19 Oct 1995 16:04:22 -0700 (Phillip Bigelow) writes:

>VINCENT@REG.TRIUMF.CA (pete) writes (regarding a recent appearance by Philip
>Tobias on CBC radio):

>>Note, please that he used the phrase `savannah theory of bipedalism'
>>at a couple of points in the discussion. And in response to the
>>question `Then how did bipedalism evolve?', he replied
>>`That's the sixty four dollar question.'

> I have scanned a few of Tobias' publications, and I have yet to find a
>JOURNAL REFERENCE that specifically mentions "savannah theory" as a dominant
>paradygm of the "science establishment". As far as I can tell, Morgan's
>assertions are indeed aimed at creating a "staw man" to knock down.
> I'm still waiting for Elaine Morgan to log back on and provide us with her
>SCIENCE JOURNAL source for this assertion. (she must provide page numbers
>where the phrase appears in the journal article).
> <pb>

We are still waiting for Elaine to log back on and provide the refs.
I will be eager to FINALLY see the journal article(s) where this supposed
"dominant paradygm" of paleoanthropology is mentioned.