Re: refs re: crying as a marine marker

Phillip Bigelow (
18 Oct 1995 14:27:43 -0700 writes:

>Larousse Encyclopaedia of Animal Life
>About the chimpanzee 'The range of its emotional life is considerable,
>and it is able to express surprise, interest, disgust, fear, anger, joy,
>sadness, and even despair, the latter being evinced by fits of sobbing.
>Only tears are lacking"

You provided only one reference on non-human primates (the ref.above). I
noticed that the reference wasn't a scientific journal article, but a
general-interest book. In view of how poorly we understand the role of tear
ducts in mammals, I think a journal article discussing this would have been
a better reference. Do we really know how rigorous the "science" was
carried out?
Furthermore, since your reference only discusses the chimpanzee, we need
good reference sources that discuss other members of the Order Primates.
If only one other primate has tears (emotional of non-emotional), it will
blow the "salty-tear" evidence of aquaticness right out of the water (pardon
the pun). Such a survey of all the primates hasn't been done, to my