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J. Moore (
Wed, 18 Oct 95 10:26:00 -0500

Js> Does anyone on this group know about the so-called
Js> "Boskop men" Loren Eiseley described in "The Immense Journey"?

Js> Supposedly, they lived about 10,000 years ago in South Africa and had a
Js> brain capacity roughly 30% larger than the average human today. Eiseley
Js> gave no references in his book.
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About ten years ago, I was at a conference and someone asked about
this, and I looked it up when I got to a library. I forget the
details, but essentially Eiseley did a little statistical doodling
to make a non-impressive difference into an incredibly
impressive-sounding difference. If you want to post the passage,
I could point out the tom-foolery, but you should be able to spot
it yourself with a thoughtful re-reading.

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