Re: tears

H. M. Hubey (
18 Oct 1995 21:42:13 -0400

David Froehlich <> writes:

>On 18 Oct 1995 wrote:

>> Quite right, even though the tears are only as salty as body fluids, the
>> weeper still loses salt.

>You misunderstand basic physiology. The tears are isotonic to the body
>fluids, this means, that while you loose salt, the salt balance of your
>body is unchanged. Salt excretion mechanisms provide a method for the
>body to get rid of excess salt. Consequently, in salt excretion glands
>the solute concentration is much higher than that of the body fluids.
>Physiologically there is no similarity.

YOu seem to misunderstand basic physical processes. YOu can't
just keep losing fluids without taking in more to replenish
what you lost. This is as basic as 2+2=4. It goes without saying
that no matter how you lose water i.e. via kidneys, sweating
or tears it has to be replenished. And if you excrete salt with
the fluids you are obviously excreting salt.

My feeling is that you want to say something else (and I can
guess what) but don't know how to say it :-)..


Regards, Mark