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J. Moore (
Wed, 18 Oct 95 09:43:00 -0500

Pa> > Pa> The consistent pressure towards better bipedalism
Pa> > Pa> over some 50,000 to 100,000 generations and the selective
Pa> advantages
Pa> > Pa> of this progression in *each* generation must be explicitly
Pa> stated.
Pa> >
Pa> > The extreme gradualist position you take here is at odds with
Pa> > evolutionary theory (even in Darwin's *On the Origin of Species*).
Pa> > Holding to such a notion requires overturning 150 years of
Pa> > evolutionary thought

Pa> In suggesting this period, I was deferring to what I understood was the
Pa> judgement of those more qualified.

The period has nothing to do with the problem in your gradualist
position. It is the second part of your contention, that there
would be "selective advantages of this progression in *each*
generation", which is a continuation of your earlier contention
that these generations must become "more bipedal in each
generation", that is at odds with evolutionary theory.

Now, where was that theory you said you were going to post; last I
heard you seemed to be saying it depended on Alex posting one of
his own first, which doesn't make any sense at all. A valid
theory cannot be dependent on having another theory to knock; it
has to stand on its own.

Jim Moore (

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