Re: tree-climbing hominids

H. M. Hubey (
17 Oct 1995 08:49:17 -0400

chris brochu <> writes:

>Every last one of these can be explained as a direct adaptation for
>swimming. The deep tail acts as a scull - remember, these things are
>still using side-to-side tail sweeps for propulsion.

OK. I guess what you're saying is a matter of difference of degree
and not a difference of kind.

Or are you saying that some animals have tails which are wider
than they are deeper? In other words are there land lizards now
which have flat tails ?

The elongate snouts
>present less resistance in the water as they capture fish.

ARe there any lands lizards which do not have elongated
snouts? Isn't elongation something which we expect in
lower life forms and something that gets shorter and shorter
up the evolutionary scale? Is this relative elongation
between land and water versions?


Regards, Mark