Re: Crocodile Rock
18 Oct 1995 15:06:58 GMT

chris brochu <> wrote:

>3. The fact that these animals do this when "upset," and how they
>assessed emotional state.

See my post refs re crying as a marine marker. I will also eventually get
a reference for elephants having a marine ancestor. I log onto this from
work so I can't devote that much time to it so patience is appreciated!

I think that at the very least everyone must accept an evolutionary
convergence between elephants and man. Both have naked hides,
subcutaneous fat, convoluted vaginal pathways and the ability to shed
tears when emotionally disturbed. Where there is any doubt in my mind is
whether proposing that both had marine ancestors is the only possible
explanation for these features. I also agree that it is annoying that
Elaine Morgan sometimes doesn't give full references, but she's always
helpful in this respect over the email.

James Borrett.