Re: Lucy's weight

Thomas Clarke (
17 Oct 1995 14:18:43 GMT

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>In article <45b6t8$> Thomas Clarke,
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>>Do we know that Lucy weighed less than 100 pounds. ...
>> <from stresses we could> ... infer body weight.

>Lucy's mass has been calculated numerous times, by numerous workers,
>using a number of different methods similar to what you describe. Her
>mass consistently is estimated at 28 - 30 kg (no more than 66 lbs).

Then since Lucy was half my height, if she were in linear^3 proportion
to me, she should have weighed 1/8 as much, or perhaps 25-30 pounds.
Since my wife tells me that I am getting too plump, I guess that
means that Lucy was even plumper?

(None of the standard weight tables go down to 3 foot height :-)

A plump Lucy? I kind of like the idea; she was doing well.

Tom Clarke