Re: Body Hair Loss in Aquatic Mammals

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>>What explanations do non-AATers have for the large numbers of sebaceous
>>glands on the back, shoulders, neck and face of humans?

>To look good naturally for body
>building contests :-)..

>And of course, everyone knows that females
>love greased up guys :-).. (sex selection!)

As far as I know, the distribution of sebaceous glands is not
abnormally high on the back, shoulders, neck or face. If you are
relying on Morgan for this information I suggest you check and
independent source. She made a similar claim about sweat glands which
proved not to be the case.

Let's assume you are correct, however. The function of sebum (the
substance secreted by sebaceous glands, is to keep the skin from
drying out. Ask yourself where a biped is most likely to have the
sun beating down on them.

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