Re: Hair and AAS

17 Oct 1995 09:21:35 GMT

David Froehlich ( sez:

What I
`pointing out is that hairlessness could have occured any time after
`the last common ancestor of humans and chimps (or if you prefer,
`chimps and gorillas) and before we have evidence of it (possibly cave art
`depictions???). AAS assumes that it is functionally related to an
`aquatic episode (this basically assumes what you are trying to
`demonstrate, that hair was lost in an aquatic episode). I do not buy
`this assumption. Please defend it.

One could reasonably speculate that if it wasn't gone already,
body hair would be detrimental to a creature huddling around
a campfire at night. Whether this might amount to significant
selective pressure I don't know, but if my overcoat caught
fire, I'd be mighty appreciative of the fact that it wasn't
attached to my skin. So, say, by h. erectus, it's disappearing?

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