Re: AAT:A method to falsify

Phillip Bigelow (
16 Oct 1995 12:29:44 -0700

someone wrote:
>> I was a competitive swimmer for a number of years. Even in very warm
>> water, we would chill after a while. responded:
>That is simply not true. People stay in the water for hours here in Hawaii. You would
>not get a chill in the water they are talking about.

Check some historical records. Most ship-wreck people who spend a
considerable time in the water (even off of Hawaii) show slight hypothermia.
It's a matter of degree.

Another correction to what you wrote:
For those people who frolic in the warm water in Hawaii, do you know for
a FACT that those people's core temperature is in thermal equilibrium with
the ambient water temperature? Or are you just making the statement that
people feel less "chilled"? The first observation is a
quantifiable data set. Your little anecodote is a subjective