Re: Human Evolution and Obesity

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Mon, 16 Oct 95 10:57:00 -0500

Da> In article <45m17f$> writes:
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Da> >The important point in my mind is that the fat is fused to the skin
Da> >rather than to internal organs, and this feature is shared with aquatic
Da> >animals and wallowers etc. but not with chimps and other primates.
Da> You have a source, with references, for this so-called "fact"?
Da> Back when I was hunting every animal that _I_ ever skinned had fat
Da> fused to the skin. It didn't matter whether the animal was "aquatic"
Da> or not.
Da> David L. Burkhead

The worst one I ever skinned was an opposum; hard pressed to call
that aquatic. Rabbits, on the other hand, fairly fly out of their

He's probably getting this from Morgan -- surprise -- without
reading anything else. Morgan states this in her latest book,
but, characteristically, gives no reference.

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