Re: Horse common ancestor

Todd A. Farmerie (taf2@po.CWRU.Edu)
17 Oct 1995 19:21:59 GMT

[This should probably go elsewhere, not having anything to do with antros -
probably since it appears to have been the original poster's
intention to assault evolution.]

In a previous article, (David Froehlich) says:

>> In article <45opna$> donald e. tyler,
>> writes:
>> >With the donkey with 62 chromosomes,
>> >the Mongolian wild horse with 66,
>> >modern horse with 64, andn 3 species
>> >of zebras with 32, 44, and 46, are
>> >there any ideas as to the number
>> >of chromosomes the common ancestor
>> >had? Or are we allowed to question
>> >basic premises here?
>A phylogeny of
>the equid clade might help as well, since you might be able to determine
>the sequence of cladogenesis and thus possibly the sequence of karyotype

Based on molecular work, the phylogeny is as would be predicted from the
chromosome numbers.

prz horse (66)---\________________
dom horse (64)---/ \
donkey (62)--------------\________/ \
asian ass (?)------------/ \
zebra (46)-----------\__________________ /
zebra (44)-----------/ \ /
zebra (32)------------------------------/

scale: - = many years :)

(FWIW, the extinct quagga has been shown to have probably been a regional
variant of one of the existing lowlands zebra species, and not a separate