Re: Philip Tobias, Savanna Theory & bipedalism

Phillip Bigelow (
16 Oct 1995 12:48:24 -0700

VINCENT@REG.TRIUMF.CA (pete) writes (regarding a recent appearance by Philip
Tobias on CBC radio):

>Note, please that he used the phrase `savannah theory of bipedalism'
>at a couple of points in the discussion. And in response to the
>question `Then how did bipedalism evolve?', he replied
>`That's the sixty four dollar question.'

I have scanned a few of Tobias' publications, and I have yet to find a
JOURNAL REFERENCE that specifically mentions "savannah theory" as a dominant
paradygm of the "science establishment". As far as I can tell, Morgan's
assertions are indeed aimed at creating a "staw man" to knock down.
I'm still waiting for Elaine Morgan to log back on and provide us with her
SCIENCE JOURNAL source for this assertion. (she must provide page numbers
where the phrase appears in the journal article).