Re: Savannah and Grassland

16 Oct 1995 14:41:01 GMT

H. M. Hubey ( wrote:
: (Harry Erwin) writes:

: >correct are far-ranging. For example, the ancestor of whatever hominid
: >species first ventured out on the open savannah had to have fire and was
: >using it habitually to keep his environment cleared.

: >Other comments?

: Does he contend that this was a sort of an early hunting
: tecnique perhaps? They set fire simultaneously to a section
: of a forest at different places and live off the baked animals :-).

Professor Talbot identified a number of purposes for burning, ranging from
clearing brush and maintaining sight-lines to honey-hunting.

: What other advantage would it have? It could have provided
: land for grass eaters to roam and make their hunting easier
: and also expose them to the other predators. Could they
: have erected primitive walls or barriers to fend off predators
: this early?

Probably. I suspect H. ergaster showed a good deal of 'human' behavior.

Harry Erwin
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