Re: AAT: I just rediscovered... PLEASE END THREAD.

Domingo Martinez-Castilla (
Mon, 16 Oct 95 14:25:20 GMT

I am deeply sorry for having started this particular AAT thread precisely
complaining about how many AAT threads are here. Now I kindly, humbly request
to finish at least this one.

I plead guilty to being naive about how to lower the AAT-related
traffic. However, I should say that sci.anthropology.paleo looks better this
Monday. "Only" 26 of 53 threads (mind you) are AAT-specific or AAT-spawned. As
I do urgently need to get a life, I leave you with this beautiful and convincing
example of scientific thought (pun very much intended) originated by Mr Hubey:

In article <>, (H. M. Hubey) wrote:
>Would you (and everyone else so inclined) please list
>in order of increasing convincibility what kinds of evidence
>one expects to "support" AAT.

Wow! Theories, anybody? I promise I, me!, will list the kinds of evidence that
YOU need to prove your theory.

Sorrowfully yours,


Domingo Martinez-Castilla