Re: Body Hair Loss in Aquatic Mammals

Phil Nicholls (
Mon, 16 Oct 1995 06:23:16 GMT graced us with the following words:

>Paul Crowley <> wrote:

>>I'm an especially hairy person. It takes me ages to get dry after a
>>swim - much longer than most people. They're fully dressed and waiting
>>to go but I don't want to put my shirt because I'm still damp. If I
>>spent my life going in and out of the water, searching for shellfish,
>>this aspect of my anatomy would be significant handicap. I'd be much
>>more likely to suffer exhaustion or catch a chill.


>Another point is that aquatic animals that have not lost their hair
>usually have lots of sebacious glands to waterproof their fur and skin.
>What explanations do non-AATers have for the large numbers of sebaceous
>glands on the back, shoulders, neck and face of humans?

>James Borrett.

And what exactly makes you believe that the concentration of these
glands is unusally high in these areas?

I spent a good deal of time putting together an article on hair loss
in aquatic mammals and the best response I get is a personal anecdolt.


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