Re: Change from 48 to 46 chromosomes

Todd A. Farmerie (taf2@po.CWRU.Edu)
15 Oct 1995 03:29:26 GMT

In a previous article, (Sean Stinson) says:

>cc3265@CNSVAX.ALBANY.EDU wrote:
>: In article <45hi7e$>, (donald e. tyler) writes:
>: >Any evolutionary guesses
>: >as to how apes with 48
>: >chromosomes were changed
>: >to homo sapiens with 46?
>Sean replied,
> They didn't. Apes have an extra chromosome becuase
>chromosome 2 has split into two seperate chromosomes.
>ie. humans were first.

Or have two ape chromosomes joined to form the human chromosome 2? Most
explanations tend to present such things from the human perspective. Do
all apes have 48? If so, then its a lot more likely for the human
condition to be the innovation, rather than the ape lineages (gorilla,
chimp, p.chimp) to have independently done the same thing. What is the
condition of the DNA in question in the orang? in gibbons?