Re: Change from 48 to 46 chromosomes

Gerry Murphy (
Fri, 13 Oct 1995 16:10:47 GMT

cc3265@CNSVAX.ALBANY.EDU wrote:

>In article <45hi7e$>, (donald e. tyler) writes:
>>Any evolutionary guesses
>>as to how apes with 48
>>chromosomes were changed
>>to homo sapiens with 46?

>I think first you'd have to know how many chromosomes the common ancestor
>had, wouldn't you? I mean humans didn't actually evolve *from* apes, but
>ape-like ancestors. But I'm not familar with the current theory on this --

Humans didn't evolve from apes. We are apes! An antropologist net
frned in University of Alabama told me that and Richard Dawkins said
it also (jokingly) at a lecture in Dublin, Ireland on Wednesday