Re: need up-to-date book on human evolution

13 Oct 1995 00:40:42 GMT

In article <45j7j6$>, Mithrandir <> writes:
>Could anyone recommend a book on human evolution
>for the layman? The last time I read a book on this
>was some years ago and now I want a new book (1995
>or 1994) covering the entire evolution back to the
>split from the chimps.
> - Jan Erik Olsen (Mithrandir)

Like your nickname. Milford H. Wolpoff just published a new (VERY large)
volume called, pertinently enough, "Human Evolution". It's the 1996 edition,
though I have it now. McGraw-Hill published it. We are using it for our
freshman Human Evo class, but, once it arrived, we realized it was much
too advanced for them, so the instructor is having to give them only selected
readings. It is very thorough though, and someone with enough time on their
hands to get through the whole thing shouldn't have a problem with it. Not
enough good illustrations in it, I'm sorry to say.