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>>>To the best of anyone's knowledge, every tetrapod that ever transitioned
>>>from an arboreal to a terrestrial environment ultimately became a

>>Incorrect. Macropodids are derived from arboreal marsupials.

>Neat. So when you come down from the trees you adopt strange
>modes of locomotion.

>But that brings us back to my question about macropodids.
>There are lots of hoppers down under, but only one biped in Africa.

>The norm in Africa would seem to be knuckle walking, 3 to 1.

>Tom Clarke

There is PRESENTLY only one living species of biped in Africa. That
was not true in the past if you will check the fossil record. Between
2.5 and 2 million years ago there may have been as many as six
different species of biped in Africa.

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