Re: Aquatic ape theory

Paul Crowley (
Fri, 13 Oct 95 08:39:39 GMT

In article <45k627$> "David L Burkhead " writes:

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> > Once the ape was upright with no hair,
> >then all the advantages cited by the non-aquatic advocates for
> >upright hairlessness in the savanah would apply.
> If the advantages are there to begin with, then no "aquatic
> phase" is necessary for the acquisition of the traits. The advantage
> of _keeping_ them is also sufficent to explain _acquiring_ them.

I think that I've got to agree with the substance of David's logic here.
If the loss of hair was caused by a relatively brief period 5-4mya,
then it should have come back since. It's just about possible that an
aquatic period caused a flip which would not have happened otherwise
and that new stability then set in. But I feel it's unlikely.

My view is that the advantages cited by the non-aquatic advocates have
never been credible, and that an ape living on the savannah/mosaic would
retain its hair or, if it lost it, would eventually get it back. So for
this and several other reasons, I believe that the "aquatic" period
lasted much longer: i.e. 5-1.5 mya.