Re: Origins of human thought - needinfo

UrOpiate (
12 Oct 1995 08:14:19 -0400

well it seems everyone has taken their effort to lecture you on their
personal bias' instead of actually forwarding you pertinant articles or
text asked for help and you get lectures(these paleao

here ya go:
Johnson-Laird,P.N. and P.C. Wason, "Introduction to Language, Culture and
Thinking." (from "Thinking: readings in Cognitive Science)

Horton,Robin and Ruth Finnegan. "Introduction" (from "Modes of thought:
Essays on thinking in Western and Non-Western Societies")

these above mentioned texts really delvbe into the question of what is
"abstract thought" these articles tend to the diffrences and arguements
between "primitive" and "western" might draw comparisons
between "primitive" models of the mind and those of prehistoric man and
other hominids...good luck