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Thu, 12 Oct 1995 19:52:58 GMT

Alex Duncan <> wrote:
>In article <45hds3$i3d@bubba.NMSU.Edu> William Baird,
>>Okay, I got sick of the AAT posts in here and got to playing around with
>>ascii and thought I'd put together a family tree. If there are some
>>glaring mistakes, please inform.
>Phylogenies give the impression that we know things that we really don't.
> We're better off sticking to cladograms.
>But, here are some problems w/ yours (from the top down).
>Cro-Magnons ARE modern H. sapiens. There is no need to distinguish them
>as a separate OTU.
>H. rudolfensis is a name that has most recently been applied to the
>larger habiline species. In comparison to H. erectus/ergaster, H.
>rudolfensis is primitive, and should be in a position closer to the base
>of the Homo section of the phylogeny.

I wonder how i missed the tree...Actually, H. rudolfensis is primitive
cranially, but quite derived post-cranially. I'm not going to go out on
a limb, though (;>) over its position on the family tree.
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