Re: does hubey have a point?

Rich Travsky (rtravsky@UWYO.EDU)
12 Oct 95 09:12:11 MDT (H. M. Hubey) writes:
>David Froehlich <> writes:
> Mr. Hubey
>>wants us to quantify bipedality-quadrupedality, while I think this is a
>>gross oversimplification of the problem. Just within ungulates there are
>>numerous ways of being quadrupedal, and Mr. Hubey wants us to lump all of
>>that diversity into a single number.
>WE can add them too. We can make more dimensions. This is one
>of the reasons why fields such as this are more difficult than
>things like physics. OTOH, you want to solve a more complicated
>problem with a less powerful method. Where is the logic in that?
>CAn you fix a car with a hammer?
If it's the tool for the job - yes. For a volksie it's the cure
for a stuck solenoid.

> [...]

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