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J. Moore (
Wed, 11 Oct 95 10:07:00 -0500

Ad> Apparently, Dr. Holloway is having trouble posting, and so sent this to
Ad> me and asked me to post it. I've also included his e-mail info.

Ad> >I've tried and tried but I can't seem to post to the group. I've noted
Ad> >Hubey's scoffing at all the refs someone kindly put out for him, and
Ad> >his
Ad> >arguments and posts get sillier and sillier. I've now decided to use
Ad> >the
Ad> >"D" key whenever I see any more of his bullshit. Can you post this to
Ad> >the 'group' for me? Thanks,
Ad> >Ralph Holloway
Ad> Alex Duncan

I've noticed that Hubey started out posting in "race" threads on
sci-anthro, taking the standard "races as propounded by racists
are valid groupings" dogma, and since have noticed that he posts
in groups like SocCroatia etc., i.e., wheverever dissension can be
stirred by baiting people he views as "in power positions". In
other words, he seems to be one of those very boring lonely
students that pops up every fall. His deriding paleoanthro for not
being "scientific" while offering no support for any of his
subsequent claims furether demonstrates this.

It must be disheartening to Elaine Morgan to find her most ardent
supporters so often turning out to be crackpots (unless she
doesn't care about the ideas, and is only in it for the money).

Jim Moore (

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