Re: AAT Theory

Thomas Clarke (
10 Oct 1995 14:38:25 GMT

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(H. M. Hubey) writes:
> Phil Hunt <> writes:

> >As to why the fur was lost, I can think of 2 possibilities offhand:
> >to keep cool while running during the day, or sex selection.

> Well, the sex selection seems to be a standard dumping ground like
> money to explain things for which we can't find any other explanation.

> I don't see any way to prove or disprove sex selection changes for
> anything in general.

Which would turn you on more?
A woman with nice smooth naked skin,
Or a woman with nice sleek fur?
[If you are female, please reverse sexes]
Be honest.

I know it is difficult to seperate societal effects, but
some evidenct can be gained from "what turns you on" I would

Tom Clarke