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David L Burkhead (
10 Oct 1995 16:18:55 GMT

In article <> (H. M. Hubey) writes:
> (David L Burkhead ) writes:
>> Taht your posts are in the history groups does not mean that you
>>know any history, particularly military history. That you can make
>Look guy, I ignored it because I'm bored of it. It just happens that
>reading military history is one of my hobbies. If you want to
>discuss it, try another group.

So. You still make false statements based on it. Either the
military history that you _read_ is wrong, or you understand what you
read as little as you understand the topics on which you post
here--i.e. not at all.

>>of anthropology, fluid mechanics, and paleontology.
>It will eventually become clear who knows what. Stay tuned.
>Just stick to the facts.

It's already clear. You are uttely ignorant of any of these
topics. You make mistakes in fluid mechanics that a physics sophmore
wouldn't make. You make errors in anthropology that would be
corrected by a first semester survey course. You don't know as much
about paleontology as is covered in the very _first_ geology class
here at the University.

Yes, it is quite clear who knows what.

David L. Burkhead

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