Re: AAT Theory

Phillip Bigelow (
10 Oct 1995 14:30:46 -0700 (H. M. Hubey) writes:

>PS. How about an explanation of the loss of body fur. In order
>for the heat loss calculations to work out, we'd need to be
>as large as elephants or rhinos, and even then it doesn't
>give any cause-effect.

Precisely. That is why most paleoanthropologists (such as Johanson)
believe that very these early, low-mass hominids had hair.
A tantalizing possibility is that the time of loss of a majority of body hair
coincided with the wearing of clothing, such as furry animal skins. As far
as we know, loss of hair may have occurred as late as early Pleistocene.
But in any case, the most parsinomious idea is that Lucy and her immediate
ancestors had abundant body hair...just like the apes of her body mass.