Re: AAT:A method to falsify

H. M. Hubey (
10 Oct 1995 00:36:45 -0400 (David L Burkhead ) writes:

>>>temperatures when I taught survival courses for the Navy. As I remember,
>>>it gave you about 7 minutes to live at 28 degrees F. and forever
>>>somewhere around 90 degrees F.

>downed navy pilot, or overboard seaman/officer, can survive while
>dressed, while conserving energy (activity makes matters _worse_ in

Does it make much difference that he's dressed if his clothes
are soaked? What are you saying?

Besides there's nothing wrong with what he said. Since living
bodies generate heat, they'd be giving them off, and it's not
necessary for the water to be 98.6 but should be less so that
the excess heat can be given off otherwise it would overheat.

In the dry savannah, it would be cold at night, and the water
might even be warmer than outside in the air.

>water _anywhere_ where one can repeatedly dive, day in and day out,
>without some kind of thermal protection.

> Situations would be worse for a small hominid--higher surface to
>volume ratio.

Yes, it would be different. Then it would behoove the animal
to get large, wouldn't it? Actually, it would be improve the
chances of the hominid if it got larger. Now that's another
point for AAT, isn't it? Why did the savannah hominids get
larger, to fight the lions?


Regards, Mark