Re: Exaptation and cookie

J. Moore (
Sun, 8 Oct 95 18:49:00 -0500

Cl> > I hope you read Jerry Drawhorn's excellent article on bipedalism. In
Cl> > case you haven't I am going to repost it here.

Cl> Did my response to his post make it out? No one has commented about the
Cl> what I said concerning the implausability of his
Cl> picture of the "first family" drowning.

I asked him for a reference for that statement, as it seems
unlikely and I certainly hadn't heard it as an accepted idea.
I haven't heard back from him yet.

Neither have I heard back from you about my questions to you based
on your reply to the post of yours you mention. Among those
questions was:

JM> If, as it seems from your post, you know nothing about "swamp monkeys"
JM> except the name, what do you base your thinking they are "almost a
JM> perfect model" on?

Cl> Don't you have any fun in science? Are you limited only to what is
Cl> absolutely, iron-clad provable on the basis of well deocumented
Cl> obsdrvation? No speculation allowed?
Cl> Tom Clarke

Informed speculation based on study of current, and accurate,
evidence? Sure.

Wild speculation based on bogus "facts" and without any references
or support forthcoming? Well, no.

Jim Moore (

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