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10 Oct 1995 04:09:14 GMT

In article <> (H. M. Hubey) writes:
> (David L Burkhead ) writes:
>> Just imagine you're facing a _dozen_ chimp sized and chimp
>>strength primates (and chimps have several times the strength of a
>>man--even though they are physically smaller), that surround you and
>1) lions don't hunt alone

Funny thing is, every lion _I've_ ever seen hunting was _alone_.

>2) how many lbs can chimps curl?
>3) how many lbs can they press?

Exact values? I don't know. Several hundred pounds in either
case, assuming you can convince them to do the particular exercises.

Is your point to claim that chimps _aren't_ several times as
strong as a man? If so, it's just another in your long list of errors.

>>pelt you with rocks, sticks, and assorted blunt objects. Face one and
>>another hits you from behind. _And_, they're hitting you _before_ you
>What rocks? Since when did chimps become baseball pitchers?
>I bet they're piss poor throwers. They won't stand a chance.

Since when do they _have_ to be baseball pitchers? They _do_
throw the rocks and sticks, usually from about 20 ft away (an eyeball
estimate of distance, absolute error +/- 5 feet). Since they do,
obviously they can. At that distance about half the thrown items hit
the target.

They weren't particularly _good_ throwers, but made up for lack
of skill with the size and weight of the items they were throwing, and
the total volume of thrown material.

This is all stuff I've seen with my own eyes.

Oh, and since the chimps _won_, they obviously did better than
"stood a chance."

And since, as others have pointed out repeatedly, chimps _do_
share habitat with lions, they obviously _can_ deal with them.

David L. Burkhead

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